shoot2thrill: (fixing helmet)
Tony Stark ([personal profile] shoot2thrill) wrote in [personal profile] hisnameisagent 2012-07-24 03:52 am (UTC)

"Go ahead and reroute the power conversions to the arc, I want to get this thing upright again," he says, before turning his focus to Coulson. "You've got fi...four. Four fingers up. JARVIS, c'mon, today would be nice..."

[Sir, I believe it would be beneficial if you had yourself examined by a physician prior to any further test flights.]

"I don't want to fly it, I just want to walk--"

[The structural integrity of the outer hull has been compromised.]

"How bad?"

[You would be wise to have someone fetch you another tote in which to carry the pieces back in to the bar once you have removed yourself from the suit.]


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