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After his discussion with Director Fury, Coulson has been sticking around the public areas of the bar for the most part. Today, however, there appears to be a number of people outside, and so he deems it safe enough to head out for a while.  Besides, if he has to stay in the bar any longer he's going to lose it.

So, Coulson's outside by the lake, and he's in a pretty good mood.   Mainly because as he walked outside, he finally saw the door again.  He still has some recuperating to do, but it's good to know he can do it back in his own world from here on in.
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He tries to sit himself up, but with the suit powered down, he's pinned on his back.

"That is a new one. I wasn't trying to get here," he says. "I just needed to do a test on the suit, and I guess when it malfunctioned I got shifted...huh. JARVIS?"

[Yes, Mr. Stark?]

"Did the GPS tracking give any indication we slipped into a different universe?"

[The information seems to have been encoded. I will have to unscramble the coordinates. The programming used is quite...unusual.]

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"Go ahead and reroute the power conversions to the arc, I want to get this thing upright again," he says, before turning his focus to Coulson. "You've got fi...four. Four fingers up. JARVIS, c'mon, today would be nice..."

[Sir, I believe it would be beneficial if you had yourself examined by a physician prior to any further test flights.]

"I don't want to fly it, I just want to walk--"

[The structural integrity of the outer hull has been compromised.]

"How bad?"

[You would be wise to have someone fetch you another tote in which to carry the pieces back in to the bar once you have removed yourself from the suit.]

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"Yeah, it's just a bitch to put it back together--JARVIS, go ahead and unlock all connection points."

There is a fair amount of sparking and metallic sounds as the suit unlocks, and Tony sighs.

"Will you pull some of these torso and chest plates off? If I can sit up, it's easier."

With some wiggling, Coulson will find that the pieces actually separate quite easily.
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"...you do not want to imagine the chafing that would occur if I went commando in the suit," Tony says, expression one of mild horror. "Hell, I don't want to imagine the chafing. Don't hurt yourself, Agent," he adds.

Once he sits up, he can free his hands and arms, and then promptly lifts his shirt to examine the arc embedded in his chest, running a fingertip around the edge of the seal to ensure that it hasn't been damaged.
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"If there was a leak, we'd both be in some serious trouble right now," he admits. "So would most people within...yeah, it's fine."

He's not going into details right now.

"Give me a minute to get these legs off..."

He leans forward, and bites down a yelp as he does so, reaching for the main hip and groin assembly.
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"I think I bruised my hip on impact. It's just a little sore," he says, shaking one leg free of metal plating, then the other. With no small amount of effort, he pushes himself up and out of the suit, and ends up on his side in the grass, near where Coulson is crouched.

The small pile of 'scraps' is pretty impressive, disassembled as it is, like some robot skeleton abandoned.

"How've you been," he asks, looking up. "How's the back?"
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"That's good," he says. "I will warn you, there's still a lot of clean up to be done, though."

Wincing, he pushes himself up and flexes all of his limbs - all of his toes still move inside his Doc Martens, so that's a plus, and he's not missing any fingers.

Getting the suit parts inside might be trouble, though maybe he will just send a few waitrats out with a few tote boxes, and make a sizable donation into one of the charity funds as 'payment' for the favor...

"You going to hang around another couple days or just go on back out?"
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"Yeah. I don't know if he has. We haven't really talked much--"

Slowly, carefully, he pushes himself onto his hands and knees, then makes an effort to stand - and manages without falling, but only because this hurts less than some of the injuries he's taken in the last few years.

"That is going to leave a mark," he groans, stretching his back. "Okay. I think I need a beer now."

And maybe a muscle relaxer or three.

He pulls out his cell phone and activates the security field on the remaining pieces of the suit, then looks at Coulson. "You want one? I'll buy."
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It's not like Tony's going to just light up a joint at the counter, Coulson!

"The suit will keep," he says, moving to limp towards the back door, one palm resting against his side. The problem with testing an experimental version of a suit is not having installed all of the impact-protection padding, yet. "Fury comes here?"
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I'm fine, he wants to say, but he doesn't. If Pepper finds out about this (which she will, because it's Pepper and she knows things about him that even he doesn't know) she'll be mad at him for not getting it looked at right away.

But on the other hand...

"Let me try and walk it off for a few minutes first," he offers, as a halfway point they can both agree on.
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"Good, actually. I mean, the penthouse is still trashed, and I can't work on the exterior framework until I get some of the steel from the builders, but it's going well," he admits honestly. "We've got most of the debris out, at least. Pepper and I have been staying at a few of the other places in the city until I've gotten the security breach issues ironed out at the Tower."

Just because Coulson can override his systems doesn't mean he should be able to.
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"You should drop by. We've decided to have movie night on Thursdays," he says. "Watching Capsicle try to wrestle the popcorn in the microwave is amazing."
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"Last week we watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," Tony says. "Wilder, not Depp."

That was also amusing as all hell.

"Before that it was...oh yeah. Dodgeball."
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"Hey," he actually looks wounded. "It was funny. Thor kept insisting we go down and play in one of the labs, and we actually did, until Banner went all gamma-cray-cray and popped the ball."
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"I was in the suit," Tony adds. "'Tasha and Legolas refused to join us, so it wasn't actually that dangerous until the big green guy got pissed off at how fast Cap was running back and forth. The man can dodge."
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"Most of the time we just end up sprawled on the couch or on the floor, someone half-asleep," he shrugs. "They're really not all that exciting. Except for the popcorn."
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"No drooling," he says. "Sorry to disappoint."

He limps his way to the counter and leans against it, grateful for the support.

"What do you want to drink?"