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After his discussion with Director Fury, Coulson has been sticking around the public areas of the bar for the most part. Today, however, there appears to be a number of people outside, and so he deems it safe enough to head out for a while.  Besides, if he has to stay in the bar any longer he's going to lose it.

So, Coulson's outside by the lake, and he's in a pretty good mood.   Mainly because as he walked outside, he finally saw the door again.  He still has some recuperating to do, but it's good to know he can do it back in his own world from here on in.
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"You should drop by. We've decided to have movie night on Thursdays," he says. "Watching Capsicle try to wrestle the popcorn in the microwave is amazing."
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"Last week we watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," Tony says. "Wilder, not Depp."

That was also amusing as all hell.

"Before that it was...oh yeah. Dodgeball."
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"Hey," he actually looks wounded. "It was funny. Thor kept insisting we go down and play in one of the labs, and we actually did, until Banner went all gamma-cray-cray and popped the ball."
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"I was in the suit," Tony adds. "'Tasha and Legolas refused to join us, so it wasn't actually that dangerous until the big green guy got pissed off at how fast Cap was running back and forth. The man can dodge."
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"Most of the time we just end up sprawled on the couch or on the floor, someone half-asleep," he shrugs. "They're really not all that exciting. Except for the popcorn."
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"No drooling," he says. "Sorry to disappoint."

He limps his way to the counter and leans against it, grateful for the support.

"What do you want to drink?"