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After his discussion with Director Fury, Coulson has been sticking around the public areas of the bar for the most part. Today, however, there appears to be a number of people outside, and so he deems it safe enough to head out for a while.  Besides, if he has to stay in the bar any longer he's going to lose it.

So, Coulson's outside by the lake, and he's in a pretty good mood.   Mainly because as he walked outside, he finally saw the door again.  He still has some recuperating to do, but it's good to know he can do it back in his own world from here on in.
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Agent Coulson, we hope you weren't enjoying any peace and quiet, or the soft chirping of that nearby bird in the tallest pine tree that borders the lakeside. Because the relative calm of the area is abruptly broken by the sound of thruster jets sputtering, a faint beeping (that is most definitely signaling a malfunction of some sort), and then the sound of a man in a flying suit made of metal crashing through the treeline before impacing the wet earth a few feet from the water's edge.

The suit is face down in the small 'crater' it has created - it's more of a skid through the dirt and grass than a hole, though - and whoever is wearing it isn't making any effort to roll over or move in any way, shape, or form.